Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Timber Harvest Above Dabob Bay

I was doing work up above Dabob Bay and Hood Canal on the east side of the Olympic Peninsula AERIAL VIEW. Had a nice view of an ongoing logging operation. The trees had already been cut as one of several clear cuts and were being yarded up the mountain side slope to a landing off the main logging road through the area.

Yarding landing

The yarding involved at least half suspension of the cut trees. With the but end of the logs lifted well off the ground, there is much less soil gouging and compaction than simply dragging the logs up the slope. The tower is typically set near the upper edge of slope break. After yarding up the slope, the trees are dropped and limbs are removed. Another operator then moved the trimmed logs onto the logging truck to haul to either a mill or to an export port.

Loading logs above Dabob Bay

The new harvest gave me an unexpected view over Dabob Bay and the southern end of the Bolton Peninsula. Quilcene Bay is on the left of the peninsula, and Dabob Bay is on the right. Both bays are arms of Hood Canal and both are outstanding oyster bays. The bare area on the southern end of the peninsula is an eroding bluff exposing alternating siltstone and sandstone of the Twin Rivers Formation.

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