Saturday, February 9, 2013

Historic Mine Pictures

My grandfather was an electrical engineer and took color slide pictures at various mine sites he visited in the 1930s and early 1940s. I have been scanning the images. I've been to a few of these mine sites and studied and read papers on a few of them as well. And big holes in the ground exposing lots of rocks is always interesting stuff for geologists. Rock candy for mining geologists.

Bisbe, Arizona

Castle Dome, Arizona

Miami Copper Leaching

Morenci Pit, Arizona

Ajo, Arizona

Electric powered train

Electric rails in pit

Test mill at Morenci, Arizona

Lead chat piles in Oklahoma

Lead chat piles in Oklahoma

Iron mine in northern Minnesota

Diesel electric power for drilling

Bingham Pit, Utah

Iron mine in Minnesota

Sewel Seam Coal Mine, West Virginia

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Stone-Loke said...

We're in old-mine-photo heaven in southern Arizona. Let me know if you want updates. The Lavender Pit here in Bisbee hasn't changed much. For further color about copper mining in particular, I recommend "Boom, Bust, Boom" a book recently written by Bisbee resident Bill Carter. A fairly balanced and very readable discussion. He understands that we need the copper and thinks that this area isn't the worst place to get it, although he chose to move to Flagstaff, not wanting to live in Bisbee if the mine reopens. He's adamantly opposed to Pebble in Bristol Bay, and I agree with him there.