Sunday, February 17, 2013

Flower of Scotland

Not much to do with the Washington landscape, but perhaps I can twist this toward Washington. The unofficial national anthem of Scotland mixed with football is impressive. 

The song Flower of Scotland was written in the 1960s and has been proposed as a national anthem in the Scottish Parliament. Scotland will be voting on independence in 2014. After watching/listening to the above unofficial national anthem it is easy to see the national pride in Scotland is strong. These folks are singing about an event that took place 700 years ago.

The Flower of Scotland may be a new song, but the pride and feelings apparently run deep. Perhaps Washington State will some day come up with an anthem other Louie Louie. Washington's freedom from English rule perhaps came too easy and did not require any wars sending the King's army back to England or any bitter memories of pillaging armies and installed feudal lords (put aside that the US army rather brutal put down of the tribes in eastern Washington). Washington was freed of English rule by treaties - remarkable that such a rich land could avoid European war fare. Perhaps a future song subject that will inspire football stadiums.

A wee bit of Scottish pride - but my ancestral homeland is Ireland and that is a whole other story of independence.

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Cris Matthews said...

>> my ancestral homeland is Ireland <<

Actually, if you really want to go back, the Scots are originally from Ireland, anyway.

Me, I'm from another part of the Celtic Fringe: Wales