Saturday, February 23, 2013

Geomorphic Sheep

I had a project out in the San Juan Islands this week. This time a visit to Decataur Island. I had a legitimate reason to head up a very scenic slope to determine a land form, but regardless would have headed up this slope anyway in a quest to check out some bedrock I was interested in. While heading up the slope, I noted a series of curved large divots in the slope.

Some of the divots appeared fresh with exposed soil and others were shallow and vegetated. The area has free ranging sheep and I assumed they were the result of sheep acting as a geomorphic force. The day was on the chilly side - low 40s with wind and spitting rain. Felt like I was in my ancient tribal homeland. The purpose of the divots then became obvious.

The still wet umbilical cord and very unsteady legs suggests this wee one is only a day or two old. Made me recall reading All Creatures Great and Small and how sheep have a habit of lambing in cold wet very early spring weather.

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