Saturday, April 28, 2012

We Are the 100%

I regularly read U.California economist Brad DeLong ( A while back Delong put up a post with this image:

The context of his post was that everyone benefits from a particular employment bill that was before Congress at the time and that opposition to the bill was not in the interest of the top 1% earners.

But beyond the context of the DeLong post, I like the inclusiveness of the statement in the image. We are all in this together. Over the past few years conversations regarding our shared economic troubles often drift to complaints about corporations. These conversations turn a bit awkward when I mention I am president of a corporation. I am sure that there are very few people that would view my small company as part of the economic trouble we have found ourselves in, but my point is language and rhetoric matter because we are all in this together.

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Dave Wenning said...

Dan, I think most would agree it's not corporations but politicians that are taking us down the primrose path. This might shed some light: