Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Anticline Wave - Saddle Mountain

The Saddle Mountains are part of a continuous west-east ridge across a fair bit of eastern Washington. This range is one of several asymmetric anticlinal folds that angle across the eastern Washington landscape. They take on the appearance of a series of waves propagating across the landscape.

East-west ridges with gentle south slopes (back of the wave) and steep north slopes (wave front)
(Map -USGS)

Saddle Mountain (USGS)

The road up Crab Creek with Saddle Mountain on the right

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Silver Fox said...

I was just commenting that BLM, USFS, and state EPAs would never let a mining/exploration company get away with something like this when Google signed me out and required verifications of my identity (!).

The questions of watersheds, catchment basins for stormwater, and related issues are taken quite seriously down here -- whether the land in question (mines) are private or patented and the downstream (or over the hill) lands are public or private. At least in my experience.