Friday, April 20, 2012

Twin Sisters Range

Twin Sisters Range with summit of Mount Baker to the left

Lisa recently completed a landscape painting of the Twin Sisters range Her painting was based on a view from a bit of a different angle than the above picture. The above view is from one of my favorite pull overs on Highway 9 south of Acme, Washington. Some clever engineer with the Washington State Department of Transportation thought highly of the view and provided an extra wide gravel shoulder so one can stop and admire the view.

The Twin Sisters are a set of jagged peaks rising up above the lower mountains of the Northwest Cascades. The range is a huge block of mantle some how exhumed up to the surface perhaps as a wedge of the mantle between a subducting tectonic plate and the over riding tectonic plate. Its a glassy green rock called dunite that develops an orange weather rind.

I did a bit of a write up on dunite dunite-decorative-heat-resistant-and-CO2-sequestration.

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