Thursday, April 19, 2012

Bear Story on Airwaves

Part of my field work involves driving. I have to drive to see various project sites. As I work throughout Washington State, sometimes I spend a fair chunk of a field day in the car. My radio listening includes NPR stations, CBC (Canadian) and Seattle's KIRO. KIRO, a for profit radio station, formerly used have news talk format but switched to all sports. The sports talk gets flat out silly at times - a good match my mind set after a few hours in the car.

Yesterday there was a discussion about how bear would fare in a fight cage fight with a top fighter. This apparently was a follow up on a discussion the day before. But on this day they got a hold of a Seattle Zoo worker that works with bears. The bear expert made it clear that the bear would win every time. "But, What if it was a little bear? A bear that would be considered a wimp by all the other bears?" The Seattle Zoo guy told a story about a sun bear captured in Indonesia. The bear was only 100 pounds and was captured in a 55-gallon drum. The bear tore its way out of the drum and escaped.

Perfect story while slogging up Highway 99 between Seattle and Everett. 


Heinrich Mallison said...

What's the American obsession with stupidly pitching two creatures in battle all the time? Even animals that do not live in the same region or even same time? *confused*

Guess I'll have to rant on my blog about this one day.....

Sam Crawford said...

Best all-time bear story: