Tuesday, April 24, 2012

County Summits of Washington State

A peak not climbed - Goose Egg Hill, Hanford area
I came across John Roper's discussion of all the highest peaks (mountains, hills and lumps) in each County of Washington State rhinoclimbs.com/county. Read it and go out and climb your county's highest point if you can and maybe even try bagging all the county high points around the state. And wow your friends with trivia. Such as What county has the lowest highest point in the entire western United States? Which state has the greatest range of county high points?
In addition to the list of county high points, John has a very fun write up of bagging peaks in the Palouse rhinoclimbs.com/Palouse. Highlights are the photo of Aron making the crux move on Watermellon Hill and bagging the highest point in FranklinCounty.

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John said...

Thanks for posting those! As a Palouse boy born and raised, I especially loved the Palouse peak-bagging. Looks like we need a Yosemite-style rating system out there.

And this blog is excellent as well. One of my favorites.