Sunday, September 18, 2011

Roza Canal and Deficit Spending

Roza Canal at Terrace Heights, Washington
View downstream with Union Gap in the distance

The Roza Canal is the main canal on the east side of Yakima and continues south and eastward providing water to farmers on the east side of Yakima and on the north side of the Yakima Valley between Union Gap and Benton City. It is big canal. The canal starts at Roza Dam just upstream of Selah on the Yakima River. A short distance upstream of this picture the canal passes via tunnel through Yakima Ridge. Downstream the canal passes through Ahtanum Ridge via another tunnel. 

The Roza Dam and Canal are big federal government projects. The construction of these projects were funded by tax dollars and deficit spending. Something to consider when we think of the wealth and jobs these projects have created as well as great food, wine and hops for beer.

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