Saturday, October 1, 2011

Sunrise Up the Skagit

Sun rise breaking through clouds looking up the Skagit Valley

The sun rises are rapidly becoming later and later in early fall. And the weather is starting to shift to a wetter pattern. In short we are leaving the long days of northern light to the short days of wet and dark. We have to take what light we can get! Whenever I drive Interstate 5 across the lower Skagit Valley the view up the Skagit Valley is always worth a look. The Skagit Valley is a deep valley that penetrates deep into the North Cascade Range. There is often weather up the valley and if not weather clear views of the jagged interior peaks deep within the range. 

I just have a point and quick click digital camera. The image is not exactly how the scene appeared to my eye as the foreground was not so dark, but the image did capture the silver/gold atmosphere of the early morning sun breaking through the heavy clouds.

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