Friday, October 21, 2011

Coal Politics in Bellingham: Yuk

Back in February I did a post on proposed coal terminals in Washington State. In that post I described the issue as "A nice divisive issue to pit community folks against each other". At the time, I figured that it would be a divide between those in favor of the terminal and those opposed. Indeed there has been some divisiveness along those lines; however, there is now divisiveness amongst coal terminal opponents.

After initially being in favor of the coal terminal, the incumbent mayor is now very firmly opposed to the coal terminal. The mayor is up for election and his opponent is also firmly opposed to the coal terminal. One would think that would be enough on that issue at least in the context of an election. One of those issues that political opponents can say "Hey, there is something we both agree on."

But no, the Bellingham community gets this door bell piece:

This is what Kelli Linville said: "I have been consistent from day one. I do not support exporting coal or any other non-renewable natural resources. I do not now, nor have I ever, supported a coal terminal at Cherry Point. I have worked against exporting and burning coal for many years. I will vigorously ensure that we are engaged in the scoping and permitting process from beginning to end to ensure our interests are represented."

A while back a friend of mine said that he feared the Bellingham mayor's race will be decided on the coal issue. Even though the mayor has no say in the permit process. And even though both candidates oppose the coal terminal. Of course one would not know that from the above door bell piece. But that's the point. Yuk. 

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David Hopkinson said...

Dan Pike apparently needs a smokescreen to draw attention away from his tarnished leadership and minimum accomplishments during his time in office. It is ironic that he would choose the coal terminal as an issue, in view of the fact that it falls outside of his authority. The door-belling handout is a smokescreen that displays a lack of integrity we can do without in a mayor.