Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bainbridge Raised Beach - From the South

I posted on the raised beach at the south end of Bainbridge Island previously raised-beach-along-seattle-fault. Yesterday, I got a closer view of the raised beach on the Seattle to Bremerton Ferry.

Restoration Point, southeast end of Bainbridge Island

The uplifted area is the grass covered ground between the shoreline and the trees on the steep slope up to the houses. The uplifted area is a classic platform shoreline that formerly was a bedrock wave cut platform within the tidal zone that has now been uplifted within the Seattle Fault Zone. The fault zone consists of several fault strands some of which reach the surface as can be seen on the LIDAR image.
LIDAR of south Bainbridge Island showing raised shore and fault scarp
The north-south streak like ridges are drumlins from the passage of the Puget Ice Lobe
Note the scarp and raised shore post date the drumlins 

My trip across the sound to Bremerton was on the foggy side with a cool fall chill in the air. The boat stopped for a bit to allow the east bound Bremerton to Seattle ferry to emerge from the fog. But the trip ended in bright sun and a nice view of the Bremerton Naval Ship Yard.

The Walla Walla emerges from the fog

Naval Ship Yard, Bremerton, WA.

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