Wednesday, October 12, 2011

City of Nooksack Considers Swift Creek Asbestos Impacts

Back in July 2010 I posted on a proposal by Nooksack and Sumas to expand their growth areas into flood plain areas along the Sumas River floods-and-urban-landscapesl. Besides the flood risks there was also the fact that sediments deposited by floods on the Sumas River contain asbestos. I submitted comments and spoke at the County Council public hearing about this issue as well as few other urban growth issues.

After that public hearing both Nooksack and Sumas withdrew their request for larger growth areas and this week settled their dispute with the County by agreeing that they will work with the county on new plans for growth that will consider some of the concerns the two cities have regarding their growth boundaries.

Within in the concerns incorporated in the resolution stating the agreements was this for the City of Nooksack:

"Review of areas potentially impacted by Swift Creek sediment and associated risks, and consideration of proposed measures to manage or mitigate such risks."

and this very wonky issue:

Whatcom County Land Capacity Analysis Detailed Methodology to consider incorporating areas documented by Nooksack as being impacted by sediment from Swift Creek potentially containing naturally occurring asbestos (NOA) into the critical areas/sensitive environmental areas subtraction component of the land capacity analysis.

It is great to see the City of Nooksack is taking the Swift Creek issue seriously and will be be planning accordingly. Pretty great for such a small community.

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