Thursday, October 6, 2011

Lisa Hannigan and Swift Creek Landslide

Multiple cloud layers viewed from Sumas Mountain, Whatcom County, Washington

Swift Creek Landslide, Sumas Mountain, Whatcom County, Washington 

After enjoying Lisa Hannigan at the Tractor in Seattle's Ballard Neighborhood last night with my Lisa, I checked out a landslide today on Sumas Mountain. Lots of damp misty weather the last few days. Lisa Hannigan noted during the show she felt at home and enjoyed the moist weather (not exactly in those words). She also dedicated "I Don't Know" to Steven Colbert who gave her a nice plug a couple of years ago. The downside of the rainy weather is Lisa Hannigan missed the views of the Cascades, Olympics and our big strato volcanoes. She will have to come back and visit again. We would much appreciate that.

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