Monday, July 6, 2015

Still unhealthy air, but improved

Still well within the unhealthy range for fine particulates but an improvement versus the peak conditions last night a-bad-air-night-in-northwest-Washington.

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Geoffrey Middaugh said...

Yes, this is an unusual event, but well within what scientists call the historic range of variability for the northwest temperate rain forest. Right now, BC has a number of huge fires, Alaska is burning at above historic rates with many fires unstaffed (estimated at two million acres). There are also local fires that have been contained, mop up started, but still smoldering. What's changed locally is that we have years of understory buildup, months of little rain, and increased sources of ignition (fireworks, not lightning). so hang on, its going to be a long summer. A once in twenty five or fifty year event. For a summary of the national fire situation, go to: For maps and pictures of national fires that have become "large" fires, go to: I would bet that much of our local smoke is coming from BC.