Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Huge Deflation Bar at Moses Coulee on Highway 2

Highway 2 east of Wenatchee crosses over the Waterville Plateau. At one point while crossing the plateau the road dips down into a cliff lined canyon - Moses Coulee. Moses Coulee was one of the major ice-age flood routes before the Grand Coulee captured all the flood waters in later floods.

I snapped this picture while heading southwest into the coulee as I headed down through the eastern cliff side of the coulee. The initial rise of the road out of coulee bottom ahead is the slope of a huge deflation gravel bar left behind by the ice-age floods. The coulee widens from north to south at this location and the bar formed due to the slight loss in energy.     


Anonymous said...

I loves me some coulees. I didn't know about that bar. Thanks.

Hollis said...

Neat shot! I'm a fan of these landscapes, after our ice-age floods vacation in 2013.