Friday, July 3, 2015


Fireworks village

This year there is probably about as much anxiety regarding fireworks as any previous year. It is dry everywhere in Washington State. Relentless warmer than normal temperatures and almost no rain over the past two months.

Hopefully "safe and sane" will prevail.

Bellingham has restricted fireworks (Bellingham/2013-06-043.pdf) and Whatcom County has limited use of fireworks. The County ordinance received general support and I have been struck at how rapidly folks began following the law in Bellingham. A big change to the past when fireworks in Bellingham was like a week battle as far as noise. All the talk about the law being ignored has not head true - Bellinghamsters are generally law abiding after all. Given the dryness this is all good - and good for the dogs as well (although my dog is past being bothered as she is fairly deaf).

If you do use fireworks keep in mind the vegetation is very dry just about anywhere in Washington. 

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