Sunday, October 6, 2013

Pittsburgh and Kennewick in Bellingham

Roberto Clemente
Not a bad childhood hero to try to emulate as he was much more than a sports hero

When asked where I grew up I have to give a bit of a complicated answer. I was born in New Hampshire. However, I lived for equal lengths of time in Pittsburgh, PA, the East Bay of San Francisco, CA and Kennewick, WA. A rather divergent mix of places and climate and then topped with an extended nomadic period and then by far my longest residence in Bellingham.

Although Bellingham is a long way from Pittsburgh and a very different place than Kennewick, I have a bit of Pittsburgh and Kennewick just up the street in the inner city historic York neighborhood where I live. Nelson's Market/Marlin CafĂ© located one block from my house could easily fit into an older Pittsburgh neighborhood. But Nelson's has an added Pittsburgh and Kennewick angle because John, the owner went to Kennewick High and he is also a huge Pittsburgh Pirate fan.


Before the big game Monday night

Special beer for Pirate fans

The Pirate shrine in the corner

Pride in Pittsburgh

Even the Marlin is a Pirate fan

The Pittsburgh Pirate fans have had a long dry spell with the first winning team in 21 years. A long dry spell that makes the playoffs all the sweeter. Great fun and more Pittsburgh in Bellingham ahead as the Pirates play the Cardinals later today.

I do love the York Neighborhood that has been my home for the longest, but having a few reminders of my past is a nice bonus. As an added bonus Wade had left a prize for Lisa at Nelson's knowing I'd be up for the game.

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