Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Fall on Blakely

Have to have at least one fall blog post. Fall colors this fall have been moderate on my arbitrary not carefully measured scale. That said, I spotted a big leaf maple on Blakely Island that had drawn my attention when I was last on Blakely which also happened to be in October. I like the bright yellow standing out against the dark Douglas firs and as soon as I saw the tree I remembered it from the year before - "Hey, we met last time I was out here".  

Later in the day the weather had brightened a bit.

It was interesting to compare the image from last October:

The more recent images in the first two pictures were from October 24 and the one from last year was October 16. Yes, the tree is different, but notice the grass. September 2012 and early October 2012 were dry. This year we had some heavy early rain before the fog arrived.

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