Sunday, October 6, 2013

More Shutdown

Perhaps I am over doing the government shutdown stuff. But, it is on my mind and other good content is a bit challenging as I have been a bit pressed for time and immersed in work requiring discretion.

Cliff Mass points out buoy issues budget-cutbacks-and-buoys. They already were an issue under the cut backs that have taken place, but with a shutdown they will not be fixed any time soon.

Red labeled buoys are all down

Mike Konczal attempts to shed light on shutdown programs the-non-essential-parts-of-government-that-shut-down-are-actually-quite-essential. The abrupt cutting off of WIC certainly rises above the level of my petty issues with maps being unavailable and a research program I use being shut off. But, Konczal notes that the shutdown will have very direct impacts to specific economic activity.  

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Ryan M. Ferris said...

The reaction to the government shutdown can hardly be overemphasized. Essentially, the shutdown is a right wing plot to destroy our country, just as the assassination of JFK was nearly 50 years ago. The Elite have brainwashed their minions into believing that by demanding absolute individual liberty, we can prosper. The real goals are destruction of regulation and taxation and the American middle class.

Real and not imagined destruction of property will occur if warning bouys for both weather and especially tsunamis are not kept up. In emphasizing the rights of individuals and property, the fringe right wing has forgotten that we all benefit from contributions to "the common good"; a political philosophy sometimes called Utilitarianism that was at least an important part of our political heritage as was "The Rights of Man".

What a nightmare. I went to download a previously free NIST standard document on numerical recipes for the computer class I am teaching and realized most of NIST is now offline. A paid version of that government sponsored document is available at Scribd....!!