Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Dual Stormwater and Soccer Facility in Moxee

What to do with 25 acres of stormwater near Yakima? I was in Moxee and swung by the relatively new Ace Hardware distribution warehouse on the north edge of Moxee. The warehouse and associated parking area cover approximately 25 acres.  

Ace Hardware, Moxee distribution center

The green field just to the west of the distribution center is used as soccer field and as part of the stormwater detention for the large impervious surface of the warehouse and parking areas. It does not rain much in Moxee so the stormwater detention and infiltration can be combined with the soccer field as a dual purpose land use. The field can hold a lot of water with any excess directed to the irrigation canal south of and down slope from the field.

The area is underlain by wind blown silts according to the Yakima 1:100,000 (Schuster, 1994) although Schuster has ice age flood sediment just to the west and the elevation of the site suggests that it would have been briefly submerged by the largest floods.

Prior to the construction of the warehouse distribution center, the site was either grapes or hops - both big crops in the Moxee area.  

1992 aerial

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