Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Thin Ice

I watched Thin Ice last night. It was available for a couple of nights via the internet for free and I was lucky enough to see a screening via the internet. Wish I had posted the link earlier. A trailer for the film can be seen and the movie can be ordered at the link:

Its worth watching if only for watching what doing climate science looks like. I also liked the bit on radiating altitude by the physics folks - a term that had leaked out of my head some time ago. The film also utilizes images from one of my favorite painters - Bruegel.

It was nice to watch after my posts regarding the incorrigible denialist Don Easterbrook the-don-easterbrook-problem, don-easterbrook-is-not-skeptic and easterbrooks-messed-up-graphs-corrected. One final note on our famous denialist. I did read his editorial in the Bellingham Herald. He never addressed the very specific factual statements by the Geology Department regarding his flawed graphs, and he simply repeated the same unsupported statements he has been saying for many years. Perhaps another angle on this at a later date.  

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