Wednesday, April 3, 2013

High Plains Drifter

My fellow travel companion last week was taking pictures of jet contrails and pointing out that the best way to see the country we were in was from the fly over perspective. I was simply glad that the weather had greatly improved from the beginning of the week. Two days before arrival it was 9 degrees.
The above said we saw a glimpse of how the United States is heading towards surpassing Saudi Arabia for oil production.  

Big rig set up for directional drilling

The drilling and hydraulic fracturing can be viewed as a temporary high impact industrial development.

Older oil extraction well

Typical tanker truck traffic. Although the traffic was minimal compared to the Bakken. This area in a National Grasslands in Colorado has had oil and gas production for a long time, but with hydraulic fracturing advances will be getting a bit of resurgence.

The plains are vastly different from the highly variable landscapes of Washington State. But a little adjustment to what to look at or look for allows for plenty of interesting observations.

Throughout our trip I was fascinated by the snow patterns.

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