Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Still traveling but thinking of the homeland: Oregonians

I am still traveling and when I get connected to the www I have had to do some work sending emails at what could be viewed as keeping really bad hours but in fact are the result of time zone issues. Travelling allows for a step back and rethinking bias on policy and how landscapes should be managed. I have been learning a lot. In fact had a great day resolving my thinking on a policy issue for my home county in Washington State.

Workwise I pulled up a file of pictures of various landslides from a work venture that had included a few extra pictures.

Madame Dorion memorial at the mouth of the Walla Walla River
and a guy I am proud of on the left

One of the remarkable stories of the Oregon Territory and how the northwest was settled is Marie Dorion (see marie-dorion-one-very-tough-woman, follow-up-note-on-marie-dorion, and marie-dorion-homage). I drag various companions to this wayside park whenever we head to Walla Walla from Kennewick. In this case, I had a Federal Judge pose by the memorial. Mike ruled awhile back on a case regarding marriage in Oregon (Case 6:13). I like the connection across time of these Oregonians.


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