Thursday, May 28, 2015

Possession Point Landslide: Fluid Landslide in the Summer

 A bit of follow up on the landslide shown in yesterday's post. The emphasis of the post was that large run outs on tide lands tend to get erased and thus the scale of the risk might be missed with the lack of evidence.

But there is another feature of this slide that can be missed, but is also of some importance. Note the trees on the slope outside the slide area are covered with leaves. The slope is mostly forested with red alder and big leaf maple. This large landslide with very fluid behavior took place in the summer. 


Rebecca said...

Can you spell out the significance of that? Is it unusual for a landslide to occur in summer? Or is there a different point you were making?

Dan McShane said...

The vast majority of landslides take place in the winter and are associated with rain events. But this one was different and simply suggest that slides can happen at other times of year.

Rebecca said...

Ah, thank you! (East Coast reader not too familiar with PNW) Love your blog! Thanks for doing it.