Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Thoughts on Media Storm and Postcards Of My Usual Work

The past few days I have had fair bit of media contact regarding the horrible landslide near Oso, Washington. The contacts have been local, regional, national and international. I will say that essentially all of the contacts were positive and reporters consistently asked very good questions and were working hard to understand the landslide as well as trying to get a grasp on how society deals with these risks.Those contacts and conversations as well as the event itself cause a great deal of thinking. Over the next few weeks I hope to work through some ideas with many other folks and will post a bit on the subject when the time permits. Poor reporters are always crunched with deadlines.

I have appreciated the diligence of the reports, but I have also appreciated the many kind emails and messages that found the posts on the landslide informative.

I'd do more now, but I do have projects to work on and business partner on sabbatical. Moore landslide geology and policy thoughts later, but off to the field for a bit. So a taste of my field work. 

Yesterday I headed out a bit late yesterday for a  variety of field projects and did a short visit to Samish Island on the way. 
View of Lummi Island from Samish
Daffodils on the Skagit Flats while heading south and east

Glacial till in the drilling sampler

Dense advance glacial outwash 


Geoffrey Middaugh said...

Thanks Dan for helping inform the process with science information. My rule is that environmental policy is culturally defined and politically implemented, which makes it hard. And the media has a role in that process.

Silver Fox said...

Dan, thanks for your excellent blog posts full of info about the slide.

Upupaepops said...

Dan I have referenced your blog inside mine so that people could have a resource of learning for all things Geology in this state.

You and professor Mass are doing a great service in educating those interested in our environment.

Thank you for your good work