Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Seahawk Mask

Post updates via Dave (thanks) and Burke Museum

An Early Seahawk Fan

Came across this Pacific Northwest mask at the National Museum of the American Indian. The mask was made by coastal First Nations people in approximately 1890.

Juxtapose the positive incorporation of pride in Pacific Northwest heritage and the Seattle Seahawk image with the Washington Redskins is a bit jarring. Of course the naming of the teams and the logo development of the two teams were done generations apart. But sometimes it is best to let old traditions go away.

The Burcke Museum did some research on the Seahawk logo Searching for what inspired the Seahawk logo and the likely mask Mask that likely inspired Seahawks logo.

I do know that there is great pride in the Seattle Seahawks by Washington State First Nations. Marshawn Lynch, the Seattle running back of few words to the media enjoyed a First Nations' drum at the Superbowl celebration parade.


Dave Wenning said...

The Burke Museum also did a blog post on this which is interesting:


In high school, my term paper for Washington State history was on Northwest Coast Native Art. It was one of the times I found myself truly inspired by a school paper. My teacher kept it to use as an example for future classes. I guess I did well.

I went to graduate school in Iowa. Whenever I flew home on United, I was greeted in the North Terminal at Seatac by a huge carved wall panel from Alaska. That's how I knew I was home.

As you can tell, I enjoyed the post very much.

Dan McShane said...

Thanks Dave. I updated the post to reflect the Burke's work. Good stuff and great to see how thoughtful the process was.