Friday, February 28, 2014

Further Update on The Nooksack River/Clay Bank Landslide Via DT

Dave Tucker and a couple associates took a trip out to the Clay Banks landslide complex on the Nooksack River Thursday, and Dave put together some very good descriptions as well as some marked up photographs of the slide nooksack-river-landslide-update-2. In particular he notes the blocking slide came from the upper half of the bluff.
I had a couple of previous posts on this slide complex event (nooksack-river-temporarily-blocked and nooksack-river-blocking-landslide-notes).
I'll probably be revisiting this landslide in future posts, but in the mean time Dave's descriptions are an important point in time documentation of the slide. With the fresh exposures on the slide complex, it may be worth putting some effort into understanding the mechanics of this slide.

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