Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Unstable Cliffs Stay Back and a Nice Unconformity

These perspectives about identity have been making the rounds for various jobs including geology:

Lisa pointed out that a sign that she claims is read differently by geologists "Unstable cliffs stay back" becomes "unstable cliffs investigate".

Pleistocene sediments with relatively poor stability

In this case I did not have to spend much time in the danger zone. A bit to the left of the sign was this unconformity exposed along a shoreline.

Eocene (45 million years old) sandstone on the left had a valley eroded into it and then the valley was filled with sediments estimated to be approximately 100,000 years old. A younger series of sand and silts overlay both the Eocene and valley fill sediments.

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Lisa McShane said...

What Dan thought I said:
"Unstable cliffs stay back" becomes "unstable cliffs investigate"

What I actually said:
"I should have a t-shirt made saying "unstable cliffs stay back" because nothing is more attractive to a geologist."

What I actually did:
Enjoy the great walk on the beach.