Saturday, March 10, 2012

Not the Washington Landscape

I have been away from Washington State. But now back in the 40 degree rain with a predictions for wind and rain/snow mix over the next few days.

While out of town we took a break from the shore during a storm surge and windy day to head inland to see how an old haunt looked. Back during a different era of work we ended up passing through the old mining town of Julian, California. At the time we were a bit home sick and Julian felt more like Washington than California. It is still reminds me of north central Washington. Compares well with Republic or Winthrop. It had snowed the day before. Old west mining town look (it was a former gold mining town). I tossed a snow ball at Lisa in retaliation for Bellingham friends that had been snowed on while we were gone and we had a sandwich and apple pie.

Julian, California looks a lot like Republic, Washington

We headed north through the high country of the southern California coast range and back to the coast to complete a broad range of climate, geology and ecosystems - snow, 1870s towns, apple orchards bare of leaves, ice coated trees, oranges and beach walks all in one day. 

High plain in the coast range

Oranges and with snow covered Mount Palomar

Back to checking out shoreline bluffs

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