Friday, June 10, 2011

Juneuary and Some Field Pics

As Cliff Mass expresses it so well why-we-suffer-with-low-clouds I experienced Juneuary yesterday on my trip to the Olympic Peninsula and other points south. Long day. I made back to town to provide a bit of testimony on a proposed gravel deposit zoning change to the Planning Commission and a meeting of the County Flood Advisory Committee. More on that later, but posting may be limited for a few days with lots of family events.

Approaching Port Townsend

On days like yesterday it looks like the paper mill in Port Townsend is the source of all our clouds

Work involved a slope stability assessment, a stormwater/drainage inspection on a landslide area and a foundation inspection for bearing and lateral soil parameters.

Foundation in a mix of till and ice wasting units

Soft sediment deformation mid way up a slope with unopened California poppies 

Shallow slab failure off of a very compact glacial advance outwash sand.

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