Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Field Work: Freeway and a Lone California Poppy

Not all field work is glorious geology problems. Monday started with crawling around in a basement and crawl space of a 90 year old masonry building evaluating foundation settlement. I then drove to "field" jobs in Kent, Lynnwood and Edmonds. Lot of time on the freeway. While entering the freeway at a freeway light meter east of Edmonds I spotted a California poppy growing out of the space at the base of the concrete land barrier.

Lone California poppy
Lack of centered picture resulted from keeping my eye on the road ahead

There were no other poppies anywhere in the area. I began looking for them as entertainment on my way back north and never saw another one. California poppies like droughty locations and I have noted them elsewhere along the freeway. So in my traffic addled mind I speculated if this lone poppy is the northernmost I-5 poppy. I will have plenty of opportunities to make that determination.

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