Monday, May 16, 2011

Gloomy Weather Antidote

Thinking sunshine

It has been a remarkable spring in western Washington. Cliff Mass applied the barbecue index to our spring weather and determined it has been our worst spring (as measured by the index) ever coldest-spring-confirmed-with-barbecue-index. Even with early sunrise it is very dim this morning. I changed my computer screen background to the image above to brighten up the gloom. Silver Fox's write up and pictures on cross bedding HERE and Dana's bits on Arizona sediments HERE and HERE make for thoughts of sunnier climes to the south.

A brief note on turkey vultures - I have seen lots more vultures over the past few years and despite the cold and wet I observed several a couple of weeks ago while out on Orcas Island. This particular bird is enjoying the high plains of New Mexico during a very bad drought a few years ago.

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Stone-Loke said...

We headed south to find somewhere more warm and dry...but haven't gone far enough yet. Lots of flooding in eastern Oregon.