Thursday, August 26, 2010

Nice Responses to Posts

I had a couple of nice blog related interactions. Earlier this summer I posted about the warm water in Dabob Bay HERE. I received a card in the mail with a painting of the exact rocks I used to swim from painted by Bainbridge Island artist Georgia Vincent.
View very similar to the Georgia Vincent painting.

Earlier in the week Kevin Pouge of Whitman College sent me an email with his Geology Field Trip Paper: Folds, floods, and fine wine: Geologic influences on terroir of the Columbia Basin (The Geological Society Field Guide 15, 2009). It really is a fun paper and I am finding I am starting to better remember Washington wines now by the geology they grew on.
Portion of Wallula Winery taking advantage of the geology.
Winery is on the west side of Wallula Gap where the Columbia River cuts through the Horse Heaven Hills

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