Sunday, February 26, 2017

Kahlotus in Winter

Kahlotus has never really been a thriving town, but then it has not drifted into ghost town status either. Due to good roads and better cars the commercial businesses that served the already sparse population have faded such that there is an appearance of decay with empty commercial buildings. 

The one market has been closed consistently for a long time. I was hoping it was open but was not optimistic during my recent pass through.

However, there is a café in town that is open at least for now.

Despite the commercial decline, the town population has remained relatively steady and the town does have a K-12 school as well as a swimming pool. 
While there is a wheat elevator, most of the local wheat heads by truck down Devils Canyon (devils-canyon-south-of-kahlotus) to Port of Kahlotus owned terminals on the Snake River. The geology in the canyon is spectacular, but the grade of the road is such that wheat truck drivers want to make sure brakes work well with a full load of wheat in tow.

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