Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Washington Landscape Paintings

Dusk at Padilla Bay, Lisa McShane - oil on canvas

A personal note. A year and a half  ago Lisa and I bought a property on Samish Island that had a shop building that was readily converted into an art studio. Lisa had out grown the tiny studio in the back of our home in Bellingham. She can now work on multiple large canvasses as well as smaller ones.

Some of her recent work is currently on display at Smith and Vallee Gallery in Edison, Washington. The paintings are of places in Washington State that we live near or frequent in our travels. A visit to Smith and Vallee will give you a good flavor of Washington landscape paintings.

Road to Jump of Joe

Chopaka and Palmer between lightning strikes

Cloud over Blue Mountains

Rain shadow Samish Island Road

Moon over Skagit

Guardian Trees


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impressive, love them all

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these are wonderful!