Monday, March 14, 2016

Too Short of Note on the Big Tidal Surge of March 10

A bit thin on posts of late - work and travel.

The storm event tide surge appears to have been a rather major event. Reports trickling in from folks describing some major shore alterations. An opportunity for some before and after images. I have one report from a beach that I have visited several times that had an area of elevated well established vegetation with drift wood logs. All but one log is gone. A reminder to always consider the worst case scenarios in assessing hazards.

I am looking forward to taking a return visit to a few familiar shore reaches. Should be interesting to see what my coastal expert associates observe as well. 


Bill Merrow said...

Indeed it was a relatively major event - on a beach walk from Polnell Shores east to Mariners Cove on Whidbey Island observed a number of areas where vegetation/driftwood sections like you describe were taken out. One in particular surprised me where I had before photos going back two years and the vegetation scouring extended up well over 15 feet above high tide. I am very glad I did not tie a drain line from the bluff edge above onto anything in the area as all assumed semi-immovable items are gone. Mind you, anyone assuming anything on/near a beach to be stable is asking nature to make an ass out of them.

Dan McShane said...

Thanks Bill.