Saturday, October 24, 2015

Between Grain Silos on Highway 172

The approach towards the grain silos while driving south on Highway 172 suggests that the highway will pass right between the two silos. 

The perception is maintained and enhanced by the rise in the road that obscures the presence of Highway 2.

Highway 172 comes to an end at the intersection with Highway 2 so blasting at 60 mph between the silos does not happen.

I do wonder if the silos were laid out as they were by accident or by design to provide an illusion for those approaching from the north. It is one of several features of Highway 172 that I enjoy. The other features are crossing the former edge of the Okanogan ice lobe Withrow moraine. 


susan said...

And don't forget the drumlins and eskers!

Upupaepops said...

I took 172 east from Chelan the weekend the big fire started. I totally enjoyed the erratics and other flood landscape

I love this optical trick. Many of the back roads of the columbia plateau to exlpore... so photogenic