Thursday, August 27, 2015

Stop at the Thistle Canyon Landslide

Not Washington State, but I do landslide work so I made a stop at this landslide I spotted when driving Highway 6 in Utah. I see landslides all the time and can't help stopping. This slide was for a time famous in that it once posed significant threat to the City of Provo.
Thistle Canyon Landslide viewed fro Highway 6 

The Thistle Canyon landslide (,_Utah)  is an example that should be remembered about mountainous terrain. Steep mountain slopes can and do occasionally fall down. This mountain canyon slide caused a classic hazard. The slide itself of course was damaging, but the slide also blocked the Spanish Fork River forming a lake.

"Thistlelandslideusgs" by R.L. Schuster, U.S. Geological Survey - Licensed under Public Domain via Commons
As water backed up the concern would be that the new dam would fail in a catastrophic flood that would surge down the Spanish Fork into Provo. Drains were installed and disaster was averted.

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