Thursday, August 20, 2015

Personal: Bye to my old field partner

Tough day today. I retired Sam from hard field work 2 years ago and easy stuff last winter. I will miss her after saying a final goodbye today.

Tracking down a debris flow trigger

Debris flow boulder and Sam

Contemplating our route

Assessing forest road drainage problems

Flooding on the distill end of an alluvial fan 

Fine sediment deposits and stream overflow

Debris flow transported boulder


Joni Zander said...

Ah, definitely a hard day. She was a sweet dog.

Jackie and Ed said...

Happy trails, Sam. ❤️

Leslie said...

What adventures you two have shared!

Rabbits' Guy said...

AWwww ... tough. But must be some great memories.

Hollis said...

Yeah--it's *really* tough when we lose our pals. Dogs are so good to us, such great field partners too. Sorry to hear.

Elizabeth said...

What a happy dog! My sympathies.