Friday, April 24, 2015

King County LiDAR/Aerial Swipe Images

EM alerted me to this great swipe image images between LiDAR and aerial views the King County has put up:

Fun to play around with. The LiDAR imagery at closer range breaks down a bit compared to cleaner imagery one can also get from King County but still a great demonstration that captures why Dave Montgomery says it is like getting a new pair of glasses.


Anonymous said...

That's pretty darned amazing! I have questions already.
Those more or less parallel grooves on the east side of Poverty Rock--are those stream canyons that happen to be parallel, or evidence of past slides?
And what's with the Issaquah Alps? It looks like someone took a blunt tool and ripped a passage tween Squak and Tiger I think it is, and I can't tell if that is glacial or not. Please pardon my ignorance, I haven't looked at a lot of these.
Can you tell where the Seattle Fault is?

Anonymous said...

The gap that was carved between Squak and Tiger was caused by erosion when Glacial Lake Sammamish drained south and then west around the south side of Squak. This was caused by an ice sheet that was blocking the drainage to the north.