Thursday, April 9, 2015

Field Logistics: High Tide and "Camping"

The logistics of field work and travel has led to two "camping" work trips thus far this year. I put quotations around camping as in both cases I arrived at my night's rest locations at 11:00 pm and simply slept in the car. Perhaps not very luxurious sleeping but very efficient and gave me lots of time to do the work I needed to do. 
One of the logistics of field work sometimes involves tides. This particular camp trip involved wanting to see a high tide and where said high tide was relative to other shore features. A cost effective way of solving a problem without the expense of a survey. But to witness the tide meant getting up early and being at the site before 7:00. Given the location that meant camping nearby.
After enjoying a moon rise the night before, I enjoyed still water in the early morning on Obstruction Pass at the south end of Orcas Island.
Obstruction Pass looking east
Orcas Island on the near left and Obstruction Island on the near right
The bump on the horizon to the right of the rock in the pass is Mount Erie south of Anacortes 

Another not a bad gig job.

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