Thursday, June 20, 2013

Some Whidbey Talk References

As part of a talk I am giving or already gave depending on when you read this I assembled some references that can be found readily on line for further reading. Hence, I am using the blog to supplement my talk. I'll get the images up later. The talk was part of a workshop on shorelines. Regardless of talk attendance some good stuff below.

20,000 years of Puget Sound history in less than 3 minutes with animation of the Vashon Glaciation 20,000 years ago to present. Model developed by Ralph Haugerud with assistance from Harvey Greenberg, content assistance by Brian Atwater, edit and titles by Britta Johnson, and production by Amir Sheikh.

Dave Tucker has some great posts on Whidbey Field Trips with excellent detail and references. He is also working on a book of Washington State geology filed trips.


Blowers Bluff

Double Bluff:

Another field trip near our talk

Thorsen Field Trip

For geology maps some of which have excellent descriptions and discussions of the units and setting the Department of Natural Resources has a link to quadrant maps. Just click on the quadrant map you want.

The DNR put out a rapid assessment report on the Ledgewood Slide

A few relevant Reading the Washington Landscape posts:

Hugh Shipman with the Washington State Department of Ecology has a fantastic blog on shorelines including lots of Widbey Island posts (62).

Coastal Zone Atlas showing potential landslide areas

Aerial pictures of Washington State shorelines including older pictures

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Geoffrey Middaugh said...

These are great links! The Vashon glaciation was great to watch. Youtube is worth a thousand words, or something like that.