Monday, June 3, 2013

Movement of Youth

No inspiration on Washington landscapes this morning - I have been reading economic stuff the-movement-of-people-(and-its-consequences).

Years ago Lisa and I were staying in a small Greek village. We had power for one hour and no running water. A construction project required the crushing of rock for the concrete aggregate - the crushing was done with a sledge hammer.

On our last day, we were invited to breakfast by the woman that owned the little home we stayed in. She did not speak English and our Greek was minimal and the dialect was impossible. But she wanted to show us something. She pulled some papers out - they were diplomas. One was an advance degree from MIT. All of her children had left to do great things.

Reading the-movement-of-people reminded me of that long ago breakfast. The youth of Europe are on the move again and there will be long term consequences. I saw the whole community differently afterwards. It is something to consider during hard economic times. And finally it does appear in parts of our own state's landscapes. Where did the people go and how were the choices to leave confronted.


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