Thursday, December 29, 2011

White Fields Without the Snow

It appears that it is likely that we will go past December before we get snow in the low lands of western Washington this year. A bit different than last winter when we had significant snow fall a week before Thanksgiving. But there is still plenty of white stuff on the flat lands of Skagit County - snow geese and trumpeter swans. Initially there were a few snow geese and then a few swans on the Skagit Flats. Now the numbers are impressive. Big flocks brightening the fields with their white feathers. Skagit County is a great place to see them as they are often visible along Interstate 5, Highway 20 and the Highway 10. You can also see them in Whatcom County, but not along the heavily traveled roads like in Skagit.

They show up late in the fall to winter over before heading back to the Arctic. Always a thrill to see that they have made it back for a winter visit. Dave Wenning over at Fidalgo Wild has some nice write ups and pictures.

wildfidalgo.birds-of-feather and wildfidalgo.lesser-snow-goose and wildfidalgo.trumpeter-swan

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Dave Wenning said...

Dan, thank you very much for the links to the blog posts. I am pleased you found them interesting. Have a great New Year. Dave Wenning