Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Traffic Jam on Lopez Island

Yesterday was a good work day - a day in the San Juan Islands. I visited Orcas Island and Lopez Island. Very nice scenery. The downside is that the days are now very short which means the ferry ride out to Orcas was mostly in the dark with only a hint of light in the sky and the ferry ride back to Anacortes from Lopez was also dark.

I did enjoy the traffic jam on Lopez Island. Lopez is an island with extensive grass pastures and over the years has gained some acclaim for its high quality lamb and/or mutton and wool. In a way it has been regaining its status as a sheep raising area as the early American settlement on the island prairies involved sheep. The sheep were being moved from one pasture to another with the use of a pickup and at least one dog.

Traffic alert on Center Road, Lopez Island

A group pause to nibble before the dog got them moving again

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Dave Wenning said...

I saw something similar in Antigua, cattle being herded down the road by a honking Toyota. No dog. Enjoy your posts.