Monday, April 18, 2011

A Week in the "Field"

I have been out in the field a fair bit the last several days including some weekend work. A few examples of my adventures the past week:

Bellingham marine drift and former topsoil exposed in excavation

Figuring out drainage

Viewing a big landslide - note house is about to follow the garage down the slope

Stream incising down through debris flood deposit

Sampling through a concrete floor - getting that rock out was a bit of a challenge

Early morning sun on the Salish Sea viewed from Orcas Island

Landslide investigation

Crow Valley, Mount Woolard and Mount Constitution, Orcas Island

Coalescing deltas at the head of Quilcene Bay with snow capped Mount Walker

White Rock, a big glacial erratic south of Port Ludlow

Cloaked flying saucers invading western Washington at sunset

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Kat said...

"No ship that size has a cloaking device!"