Thursday, April 21, 2011

More to Ponder Regarding Tsunami Risk

There has been plenty to ponder regarding the events in Japan fr those living along the Cascadia subduction zone. I will be looking at more tsunami policy as well as earthquake issues. It is very important that our western Washington communities make wise decisions regarding earthquake and tsunami risks.

PBS has a nice story on tsunami risk on the west coast Has some good clips I had not seen from Santa Cruz, California.

This video gives a sense of scale and time of the approaching wave that is hard to grasp.

This next video is a close view of the seawalls designed for tsnuami protection. The walls look expensive and appear to work well until.... Stick it out to the end, it is humbling.

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Ryan M. Ferris said...

Clearly what happens is vast amount of waves and water wash inland. When that water retreats, the next tsunami (more powerful) wave casually incorporates all that existing energy, overcoming a massive man-made seawall.

Yea, if waves like that hit Bellingham then all of Squalicum Harbor, Cornwall Landfill, Railroads, Bellweather, Ferry Terminal are toast. But so will be many downtown neighborhoods and large parts of Fairhaven. In truth, something that strong could make it to Meridian Street.

I wonder if it could cut off parts of I-5 south of Bellingham? Probably I-5 would be taken out by a 9.0M Cascadia subduction zone quake anyway. The Border would probably close down We would be an island floating in wreckage.

We are so not ready...