Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Field Museum, Chicago - Enthusiasm For Earth History

Saiga antelope on left - the big nose is for warming and moistening cold air

I visited the Field Museum in Chicago two weeks ago. It was a fantastic museum. Full of surprises like the antelope above. I learned a lot - more than I could possibly retain.

But the highlight was seeing the enthusiasm for earth history and evolutionary science. I think that part excited me as much as the exhibits.

Computer animated Cambrian aquarium

Trilobites attracting attention

Sue is a popular photo op

As was this giant sloth

Every kid that walked by Lucy put his or her hand in the replicated hand of our ancient ancestor

The life history of the Earth ended with these two displays. Mass Extinction #6 is part of the Anthropocene - hopefully this latest extinction event won't be as bad as some of the previous events

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